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Iran Energy Exchange, a commodity exchange, Khvdantzam organization that facilitates transactions energy (including oil, gas, electricity and other energy carriers) and securities based on the aforementioned goods in there. Similar to others in the Iranian energy stock exchange, a large number of buyers and sellers involved with doing business in a competitive environment, to achieve energy equilibrium prices allow.

Iran has three physical energy exchange market, derivatives and sub. In the physical market, commodities and listed derivatives market, commodities-based securities listed on the stock exchange are traded. One shipment of goods in and out of such a secondary market transaction capabilities. Physical market consists of three panels, oil and gas and other energy sources and into the derivatives market consists of three standard parallel into futures contracts, futures and options contracts are. Each panel also has two rings are domestically and internationally. In the physical market transactions in the form of cash, credit, futures, Discover premium occur and futures contracts, options and standard parallel predecessor and also have the ability to trade in the derivatives market.

Demand also provides the applicant with the obligations stipulated in the guidelines accepted by the Committee or the Committee accept the exchange offer or the same energy as a basic commodity exchange traded energy are possible.